Internal Goals

  • Maintenance of a network of Yemeni scientists and engineers in Germany and Europe.
  • Internal training opportunities for members.
  • Promotion of the professional development of the club members through technical conferences, workshops and training.
  • Mentoring program for students, which leads to deepening the know-how between the members and the exchange of experiences.

Short-term goals

  • Not only affect the club members, but also the surroundings of the Association.
  • Promotion of the exchange of specialist and scientific knowledge between experts in Germany and Yemen.
  • Initiation and coordination of voluntary activities by Yemeni experts in Germany and their German colleagues.
  • Recruit new members or establish a new technical cooperation basis with other clubs.

Strategic goals

  • Establishing sustainable relationships between German and Yemeni organizations in industrial and academic engineering.
  • Supporting Yemeni public and private organizations through tailored programs for technical training and advice.
  • Technical support and technical advice for technical facilities in Yemen.