Advisory board

Building bridges of expertise

DJIV is structured through a board of directors who’s responsible for running the association through designated positions. Nevertheless, we believe that having highly qualified advisors is a crucial need enabling DJIV focusing on fulfilling the association’s mission and supporting the DJIV board with the solid knowledge and experience.
The advisory board works directly with the DJIV board to:

Brainstorm, discuss, debate and decide major o association

Promotional Ideas and public awareness

Contribute input and feedback

Help with creating programs and policies

Attend scheduled meetings

Support strategic planning and decision making

Walid Al-Saqaf

Senior Lecturer of Journalism and Media Technology at Södertörn University in Stockholm

Marwan Dhamrin

Senior Specialist, Toyo Aluminum K.K. Japan

Hael Alaghbari

Deputy General Manager, future vision, Riyadh, KSA